OX-ON introduces new gloves made from recycled plastic

Apr 20, 2020

Plastic bottles are a major problem both on land and in the oceans. We are too well aware of that because we have all seen the shocking images of garbage and plastic polluting every part of the globe. Plastic is a problem, as it takes around 450 years to biodegrade. Water and soda bottles are some of the biggest culprits because most of the plastic bottles produced are not recycled. But now OX-ON is taking action on that.

OX-ON is introducing a new glove line made with recycled materials

The new eco-friendly gloves are called "OX-ON Recycle", and 50% of the knit is made from recycled plastic. Initially, 8 new glove designs have been developed for OX-ON's Recycle range. An eco-style OX-ON logo will make the gloves easily recognizable - together with an appealing melange shade on account of the white thread in the knit. And that sustainable thread is what it's all about.

From bottles to gloves

The recyclable plastic bottles are sorted, cleaned and ground down into fragments. These fragments are processed and melted into tiny plastic pellets, which are used to spin polyester yarn from (also called rPET). The resulting polyester yarn is what gives OX-ON's new gloves their recognizable marled look. One or two pint-size bottles can be transformed into a pair of gloves.

See the gloves in September

"We're all interested in saving the world's resources and leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible – and obviously that applies at OX-ON too. Our new OX-ON Recycle Gloves are part of our ongoing commitment to the green transition, as realized in our new Sustainable Collection", explains CEO Anne-Mette Elbæk Mapouyat. "There will likely be more products in this range along the way, but for now we are looking forward to bringing out the first products this fall 2020".


Facts at a glance – the gloves in the OX-ON Recycle Series:

  • 6 new Recycle work gloves 
  • 2 new Recycle junior gloves
  • 50% of the glove knit is recycled
  • 1-2 plastic bottles = 1 pair of gloves
  • All gloves in the Recycle range will be identifiable from the green X of the OX-ON logo and labelled OX-ON Sustainable Collection

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