The three OX-ON classes

How to pick the right product - BASIC, COMFORT or SUPREME.

All OX-ON products are categorized into three classes: BASIC, COMFORT or SUPREME. These three classes provide an indication of the product's quality, price and performance. This allows you to easily identify the quality you need to match your requirements and work.




OX-ON Basic

BASIC - Good quality at the right price. If you value:

• Great quality
• Nice price
• Products that meet all regulatory requirements for safety 





OX-ON Comfort

COMFORT – Top quality if you value:

• Superior materials
• A value-for-money balance between price and performance
• High-level safety and excellent durability
• Enhanced wearer comfort 





OX-ON Supreme

SUPREME – If only the best is good enough, and your priorities are:

• Luxurious materials
• Special product features
• Design
• Ultimate wearer comfort
• High-level safety and excellent durability  




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