EN Standards for gloves

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EN420:2003 + A1:2009

EN 420 + A1

Covers the general requirements for work gloves








EN 388

Gloves for protection against mechanical risk (cut-resistant gloves)

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EN ISO 374:2016

EN ISO 374

Gloves providing protection from chemicals and microorganisms (chemical-resistant gloves)

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EN 407:2004

EN 407

Thermal risk protection gloves (e.g., welding gloves)

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EN 511:2006

EN 511

Cold protection gloves (winter gloves)

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EN ISO 10819

Gloves providing protection from mechanical vibrations and shock (vibration gloves)

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EN 12477

Welding gloves







EN 60903

EN 60903

Working with voltage - Gloves made of insulating materials. Protects against electric shock.


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