Types of eye protection

If there is a risk of eye damage when performing your work, wear eye protection or safety goggles. There are three types of eye protection:

Frame glasses


Regular safety glasses or goggles with lenses made of either impact-resistant polycarbonate or chemical-resistant acetate.

The color (tint) of the lenses is crucial when choosing goggles. Each tint has its protective function and is therefore of great importance.

  • UntintedUsed indoors and in normal outdoor lighting conditions.
  • Yellow - Usedin difficult and dim lighting conditions. Contrast enhancing.
  • GrayUsed when sunlight protection is needed.
  • MirrorReduces the difference between light and dark areas and reduces sunglare.
  • Light blueUsed in difficult and dim lighting conditions. Contrast enhancing.

OX-ON frame glasses


Goggles with a tight fit to the face. Goggles can be closed or ventilated.

OX-ON Goggles



Visors and face shields


Protect against splashes and particles, and heat and light during welding.

OX-ON face visor



All OX-ON eye protection provides full UV protection and is both optically and mechanically tested. 

More information

Learn about test methods for eye protection here.


View EN standards for eye protection and face protection.


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