Protective clothing - what you should know

Wear coveralls for your own safety – and choose the right protective suit based on the work hazard and risk of injury.

Assess the task based on these three categories:

  1. Minimal risk where you can fully identify risks and where only superficial injury might occur, such as regular cleaning and gardening.

  2. Moderate risk where you can immediately identify the risk and where there is a risk of permanent, non-life threatening injuries.

  3. High risk where you either do not have any means of assessing how hazardous the work is and/or whether it carries a risk of serious harm/fatality such as from chemicals exposure.

Wearing a reflective vest and a coverall could save your life

Proper protective wear is more important than you might think – in fact, it's vital.

With the right clothing for the job, you achieve protection against e.g. chemicals, aerosols, viruses/bacteria and particulate contaminants.


View a guide to choosing coveralls here

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