OX-ON Tecmen Powered Air Kit Comfort
New Motorized Respirator OX-ON Tecmen Powered Air Kit Comfort

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OX-ON offers complete solutions for personal protective equipment. With us you will find a large range of products that exactly match your work situation. Be it in terms of security, quality, price or functionality.

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At OX-ON, we make a great virtue of advising our customers and publishing updates on safety, product use and legislation.

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In our online OX-ON catalog you will find a vast range of safety products to suit your particular tasks and requirements. In addition to our large product range, you also benefit from our professional advice and in-depth knowledge of aspects such as work-related product use, legislation, testing methods and recommendations.

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We have categorized all OX-ON products into three classes: BASIC, COMFORT and SUPREME. Each class gives you an indication of the product's safety requirements, quality, price and materials. The classes help you choose the right product to suit your particular needs.


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